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In Harmony: Life Changing Stories


Meet past and present members of In Harmony.

Read their stories about the impact and benefits of the programme for young musicians.

Meet Maëlys

Maëlys is five years old and attends Bridgewater Primary School. She moved to the North East from Hawaii. Learning an instrument through the In Harmony programme has helped Maëlys to grow in confidence, make new friends and settle in.

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Meet Sandra and Yara

Sisters Sandra and Yara joined Hawthorn Primary school in September 2021 and were excited to start learning a musical instrument through the In Harmony programme. Yara, who’s in year 4, chose the flute and Sandra, a year 5 pupil, picked the trombone.

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Meet Layla

Layla chose to play violin because she liked the size of it. She’s six years old and attends Hawthorn Primary School where she also enjoys singing Hot Cross Buns and uses her hands to sign Do Rae Mi.

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Meet Alfie

Alfie is in year 11 of Excelsior Academy. He started learning to play cello through the In Harmony programme at Hawthorn Primary School and has not stopped playing music since.

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Meet Abi-lei and Layton

Brother and sister Abi-lei and Layton enjoy the benefits of music-making through the In Harmony programme. Their mother Dani noticed a change in her children as their confidence improved.

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Meet Mubarak

Mubarak used to attend Hawthorn Primary School. He’s been playing the cello since 2015, and recently came along to play for staff at The Glasshouse.

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Meet Brody

Brody Flynn dreams of being a rock star. Thanks to the In Harmony programme, Brody is mastering the violin. His focus and confidence are growing each day.

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Meet Tina

Tina Ford began learning the viola at Hawthorn Primary School in 2017, alongside her daughter Lacey who started in Year 1. Tina is one of several parents who join their children in the journey of learning an instrument.

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Meet Hannah

Hannah Johnson’s journey started in 2012, when she was 9 years old. She chose to learn the oboe at Hawthorn Primary School in Elswick, an In Harmony school.

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Meet Eric

Eric, who had never picked up an instrument before, chose the bassoon for In Harmony. He progressed quickly and was encouraged to audition for the Centre for Advanced Training, part of The Glasshouse Young Musicians Programme.

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