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The Glasshouse

Meet Tina

Tina Ford began learning the viola at Hawthorn Primary School in 2017, alongside her daughter Lacey who started in Year 1. Tina is one of several parents who join their children in the journey of learning an instrument.

As well as attending weekly lessons, Tina plays with ensembles at Hawthorn Primary School as often as she can. She has performed at The Glasshouse and as part of a small group in assembly.

“The benefit of learning the viola is that I learn an instrument with my daughter. When I was at school, I only learnt the recorder,” she says.

“Learning the viola has given me the chance to play at The Glasshouse twice, which was amazing. I have also played in the school concerts.”

“I never thought that I would ever play, let alone do a concert at The Glasshouse or at school,” Tina says. “It’s even better that I get to share it with Lacey.” 

“We brought our instruments home last Christmas. Lacey and myself played a little concert for my mam and sister,” says Tina. “They were both so proud of what we could play in such a short time.”

“I hope to carry on learning the viola – I really enjoy playing and learning,” she says. “I hope that I can be good enough to pass an exam at the end of year 6.”

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