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Meet Brody

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Brody Flynn dreams of being a rock star. Thanks to the In Harmony programme, Brody is mastering the violin. His focus and confidence are growing each day. He attends Bridgewater School in Scotswood and started playing the violin when he was five years old. 

“I picked the violin because I liked listening to higher sounds,” he says. “I felt really great when I got to play it because I was learning a new instrument.”

His mum Leanne says, “Music helps with his focus and attention, which are sometimes an issue, in everyday life. It’s something at school which he feels really passionate about,” she says. 

“When I first saw him perform, I felt extremely proud. It was great to see him play with so much confidence on a real stage with an orchestra,” Leanne says.

As his passion for music develops, Leanne looks forward to seeing his progression. “Brody has a real love for music of all genres but particularly rock music. He dreams of becoming a rock star in a band,” she says. “In Harmony has solidified his interest in music, and we do not doubt that this will continue for years to come.”

“He always comes home happy from In Harmony,” Leanne says. 

“One day, I’d like to record my own songs and be in a band. Maybe become a rock star like Ozzy Osbourne!” says Brody. 

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