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Meet Layla

Layla is 6. She is wearing a yellow T-Shirt on the Concours

Layla chose to play violin because she liked the size of it. She’s six years old and attends Hawthorn Primary School where she also enjoys singing.

“My favourite song is Hot Cross Buns. We have learned to use our hands to sign Do Rae Mi,” says Layla.

The tutors focus on ways the pupils can improve. Performances offer experiences to develop, and challenges result in growth.

“I feel happy when the tutors help me. They put my bow in the right position,” says Layla. “Concerts are scary and I feel shy, but I am happy at the end.”

Listening to music with her family also plays a part in home life, and music has always been important to her Mum, Boutaina.

“I listen to all types of music; I especially like classical. It makes me relaxed, calm and comfortable,” says Boutaina.

Since starting her In Harmony, Layla has uncovered new musical styles. On Monday evenings, Boutaina brings Layla and her younger sister Danyia to a family music session at school.

“I like the family sessions on Monday,” Layla says. “Mum and I play the drums, and it’s really loud.”

Boutaina adds,

“I have improved my skills for playing with my hands and feet at the same time.”

She values the opportunities present from in Harmony.

“I like it because I learn something different. I meet new people and experience a new culture,” ends Boutaina.