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Turn Up The Quiet: Young Women's Music-Making

Comusica turn up the quiet

Turn Up The Quiet: Young Women's Music-Making



Turn Up The Quiet Online

Turn Up The Quiet is a series of workshops exclusively for those who identify as women or non-binary aged 13-18, who would like to learn new musical styles and develop creative ideas. The weekly workshops are open to singers and players of any music type or instrument – all abilities are welcome.

Turn Up the Quiet’s first workshops began in January 2019. They incorporated singing sessions that focused on popular and contemporary music genres – this led to the creation of the Contemporary Choir.

The staff are amazing and supportive. The creative sessions broaden our thinking and interests.” – Turn Up The Quiet group member

Our first online workshop in 2020 will be the Contemporary Choir.

Contemporary Choir Online

Experiment with harmony singing, the group will focus on popular and contemporary music.

Wednesdays 5pm – 6pm, Free, Via Zoom.

5 sessions beginning Wednesday 11 November

Contact: if you’d like any further information.


When thirteen-year-old Elena McHugh joined a Turn Up the Quiet workshops she saw it as a hobby, and having completed the first few, Elena now wants to explore the career options within the music industry. Read all about her story here.