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The Glasshouse

Friday 21 October 2022 | 7:30pm  


WATCH ON DEMAND: RNS: Glittering 20th Century

RNS: Glittering 20th Century

WATCH ON DEMAND: RNS: Glittering 20th Century

Part of Sage Classics 2022/23

Part of Dine With Us


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Gemma New conductor
Charlotte Ashton flute
Cristina Mateo clarinet
Royal Northern Sinfonia

Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings
Igor Stravinsky
Danses Concertantes
Aaron Copland
Clarinet Concerto
Jacques Ibert
Flute Concerto
Maurice Ravel
Mother Goose

Music bursting with colour and light – tonight’s concert will glitter and gleam. Stravinsky made sounds leap and dance in the sunlight. Ravel opened a book of fairy tales and told the stories anew in gorgeous impressionist tints. And Samuel Barber took a string orchestra and squeezed emotion from every note. Guest conductor Gemma New is joined by two of RNS’s new Section Leaders who step into the spotlight. Join us to celebrate all that glitters.