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The Glasshouse

Sunday 30 June 2024   |   6:00pm
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New York Minimalism at Wylam Brewery

Wylam New York

New York Minimalism at Wylam Brewery

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Tickets – £25.00

Visionary. Tantalising. Avant-garde.

Who’s on stage

Royal Northern Sinfonia, in the majestic Great Hall at Wylam Brewery.

What they’re playing

They’ll bring to life the minimalist underground of the Big Apple in the 1970s and 80s, shining a light on the music of queer African American composer Julius Eastman and legendary composer Philip Glass.

Need to know

Price: £25

Running time: 2 hours, including a 20 minute interval.

Seated or Standing: Both. Unallocated seats – get in early to pick your spot.

Accessible tickets: Subject to availability. Email for more info.

What you'll hear

Julius Eastman Femenine
Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion

Who's playing it

Royal Northern Sinfonia

What's happening in the music?

Earworm melodies. Slowly shifting chords. Waves of sound that wash over you like the tide coming in on the beach. Julius Eastman’s brand of minimalism has all the hallmarks of the genre, with an extra jazzy, bluesy, funky edge that gives it a proper wow factor. His 1974 composition Femenine (pronounced feh-meh-NEEN) is a stunning 67-minute minimalist groove for wind, percussion, piano, and bass.

About Julius Eastman

As fascinating to read about as he is to listen to, Julius Eastman was born in Manhattan in the 1940s. He was a critically acclaimed composer and pianist and collaborated with leading musicians of the time, including Pierre Boulez and Zubin Mehta. His music is challenging, mischievous, ecstatic. Proud to be black and gay, he was a real visionary. His insistence on adding racial slurs into titles scandalously ruffled feathers.

Why haven’t I heard of him before?

In the 1980s Eastman fell into a downward spiral of addiction and unpredictable behaviour. He alienated lovers and collaborators, went from success to homelessness, acclaim to anonymity, before dying alone from Aids at only 49. His music and scores were scattered to the winds. Luckily, his brilliance has now been recognised once more.

Take a listen

This 1974 performance of Femenine is a marvel of open form minimalism, a rare recording that shows the talents of this avant-garde artist at his best.

This event takes place at:

Wylam Brewery
Palace of Arts Exhibition Park,
Claremont Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne





Sunday 30 June 2024