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Nerina Pallot

plus T.I.G.Y

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Nerina Pallot

plus T.I.G.Y

Part of Folk


Nerina Pallot is a classically trained pianist, with a brilliant and defiantly unique songwriting style and folk-leaning sound.

Her magnificent seventh album ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Doing’  is the product of more than three years of songwriting and studio sessions, resulting in what is undoubtedly one of her finest works to date. It is filled with memories of childhood, strange tales of fate and coincidence, and beautifully realised reflections of self.  It opens on the track ‘Cold Places’ with a shiver of the harp, notes crawling like tendrils of ice across fallen leaves on a forest floor. Pallot’s voice glides across exquisite arrangements of sweeping synths and flurrying strings, is suspended amid a delicate cluster of piano notes, then soars joyfully, like sunlight darting across the surface of a swift-flowing river.

Her outstanding cover ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division was featured in the BBC’s universally acclaimed adaptation of Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’. Pallot said: “It’s almost like it’s my own song – I stopped singing it like a cover, because it was articulating everything I felt at the time.”

Her Top 20 hit single ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’ strikes a different chord as an uproarious protest song. Over jangly acoustic strums and grungey electric guitar licks, Pallot sings in a throaty, Sheryl Crow-style drawl.

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T.I.G.Y Web

With T.I.G.Y
T.I.G.Y. is an alt-dream pop adaptation of a diary left behind, brought to life by singer and lyricist,Bailey Tzuke, and composer and musician, Matthew Racher.

T.I.G.Y. takes inspiration from poetry, introspection and emotion from the past to create an ethereal conversation relevant to contemporary pain, confusion and uncertainty. The diary, that was titled thoughts I give you, belonged to Bailey’s late aunt before it became a posthumous means of connection and mused the duo’s debut single, Only Way to Let the Light In, in 2021.

The Dorking based indie duo takes an artful approach to their honest expression as they breathe conceptual life into subjects often aurally touched upon but rarely offering such intimacy.

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