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Late Girl: No antonym for loneliness


Late Girl: No antonym for loneliness

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Following a series of recorded workshops and conversations on loneliness with communities around Newcastle, Late Girl showcases her work as a solo live performance, emulating onstage a processed choir of lonely people.

As an electronic musician, Late Girl felt it was important to question the technologies she was using to create the music for the project, especially when so many of the conversations she had with people led to how the ways in which we relate to our tools, technologies and devices potentially encourage loneliness, isolation and alienation.

So, having chosen to focus on peoples’ experiences, the project has circled around finding ways of using extra musical material to originate new production techniques that really speak of our lives, and around figuring out how the concept of the project would really inform the use of the tools and instruments used, to the point where it became musical: how to embody the concept into the music?

After many hours talking to people and getting to know them, this performance is an attempt to pay homage to their experience and to appreciate their participation in the project, expressing through live music some of the lonely lives we all share in common.

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7.15pm: Doors to Northern Rock Foundation Hall
7.45pm – 8.30pm: Late Girl
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