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Late Girl

Artist in Residence 2022-23


Laura [pronounced lao-dah] is an electronic musician based in Newcastle playing under the name Late Girl.

She makes music by mixing found sounds, electronic instruments, and vocals with “poetic polemics and a sly sense of humour to craft an intelligent and distinctly modern form of experimental pop” (NARC Magazine).

Having moved from Spain trying to swiftly avoid the economic crisis there, her music is a hybrid of her outsider view, mixture of cultures, and interest in the links between technology and art. She thinks her very strict education in classical music in Valencia while growing up has much to do with why experimenting and being playful are also so important to her now, although she still draws on ideas and techniques learned then.

She works as a teacher and a sound artist, holds a master’s in digital arts, and was recently awarded an ACE grant to concentrate on her music practice.

Sitting somewhere around the experimental circles of the city, she’s been seen playing Tusk, Northern Electric Festival, or the most recent Brave Exhibitions Festival. She is known for her emotive and irreverent performances, and will often mix languages in one breath, causing general confusion and intrigue.

Despite being allergic to social media, she is determined to release her music soon and hopes to use this residency to help her in the process. But most importantly, during the pandemic, she worked on several creative projects in the North East, tackling social isolation and disconnection: these have always been a driving force in her creative expression but recently she finds them to be exceptionally relevant. During the residency she is particularly excited to figure out how her own solo projects and engaging in collaborations might be able to explore those issues, hoping that playfulness and being encouraging are key parts of this process.

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