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Tell Tale Tusk


Tell Tale Tusk are an award-winning, contemporary-folk ensemble reimagining folktales old and giving light to folktales new.

As well as inventive interpreters and skillful arrangers of music from the British Isles, the ensemble are prolific writers, adding their distinctive and astute voices to modern day folksong. From selecting traditional material with strong female characters to penning socially conscious original material about climate change, Tell Tale Tusk continue the tradition of using folksong to protest and question the status quo.

The ensemble have grown and developed together over the years, emerging first as an a Capella trio, before collecting a fiddle player and setting hands upon new instruments to explore and expand their palette. Since December 2017, the group have been collaborating with cellists in order to round out their sound and delve deeper in the possibilities of groove and harmony.

Their highly collaborative process and different musical backgrounds inform the diverse styles and varied sounds that can be heard within their music.

“Since the start of our project many years ago, we’ve been completely DIY and have got where we’re at pretty much off our own backs, working things out as we go along. This will be our first opportunity to get some professional guidance from industry experts and an outside eye on our music from musicians beyond our immediate circles in London. We’re really looking forward to coming away with some more tools to help us onwards and upwards with the project.”