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Blog: Music Live Under Five: Where our youngest musicians play and learn

Posted on 15 November 2019

Music Live Under Five

The Glasshouse International Centre for Music’s weekly family music-making classes support children’s love of music and learning from an early age. The Mini Musicians classes for 0-4 years and Baby Musicians classes for 0-12 months include songs, dances and games which help to gently support development and help you experience just how magical music can be for the whole family.

Caroline has been attending The Glasshouse’s Early Years classes since her son, Elliot, was 3 months old. Elliot is now 6 and Caroline currently comes to the Music Live Under Five class with her 3-year-old daughter, Joss.

“Baby groups can be daunting, but here I found the classes to be comfortable, welcoming and non-judgemental. The classes are really interactive and the tutors, as musicians themselves, adapt their plans and engage with the children individually. The classes are fun and engaging for both adults and children, putting everyone at ease!”

“Sometimes I’d arrive at the class stressed, for whatever reason, but by the time I left, the class and the tutor had helped me to destress. The tutors often read the mood and emotions of the parents as well as those of the children.”

Caroline, Elliot and Joss have all made good friends in the classes and have gone on to socialise with them outside of the building.

“The other parents, grandparents and guardians are all lovely too – if your child wants to scream, they can or if they want a quieter session, that’s fine too. Anything goes. The tutors accept that and work with the child as they are.”

“The first time I came I was on my own and feeling self-conscious as a new mum but then I met like-minded people and felt at ease. We often stay in the café afterwards with others from the class and the children can continue to play.”

As a musician herself, it’s especially important for Caroline to share music with her children at home.

“The children have developed a real interest in music and love to sing, dance and play the piano in the house. The songs from the classes creep into our daily life and I’m not afraid to sing the Little Green Frog in public to stop a tantrum!”

Caroline has seen changes in both of her children since they started attending the early years classes.

“Both Elliott and Joss have benefitted socially, they have grown in confidence and are happy to interact with adults and other children. Children are listened to during the class and as a result Elliot and Joss both feel comfortable approaching the musicians”.

“We’ve been to some of the other family events during the school holidays and Elliot is particularly looking forward to the space theme in half term! One of my favourite moments was during a Baby Sinfonia concert, Joss was mesmerised by the flute player and crawled over to her, so the flautist came and sat on the floor and continued playing whilst Joss sat curiously alongside her. It was very emotional for me!”

With so many options of early years classes available in the region it can often be difficult to choose, but for Caroline The Glasshouse is the best option.