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Fun Palaces Gateshead


Gateshead is a Fun Palace! Sounds fun, right? But what does it mean? Well, that's up to you...

Fun Palaces help people around the country bring their community together to share ideas, share skills and maybe share a laugh. A ‘Fun Palace’ is a name given to a get-together in your community: any size, any excuse for people to meet.

If you live in Gateshead your community could mean your school, your street, your workplace, baby group, football team, local WhatsApp group that reminds each other to put the bins out, the dog walkers you see each morning…whoever!

There’s a Fun Palaces celebration weekend from 6 October – 8 October, 2023 and what happens in Gateshead is up to you. Don’t be put off if you can’t make the date, it’s open invitation all year round.

If you can think of something you’d like to create, experience or do with the rest of the Gateshead community, then come build a Fun Palace!*

As the old saying goes, “A Fun Palace is for life, not just for the first weekend in October”, so lots of the fun will be in meeting others, sharing ideas and being able to say what you’d love to happen and figuring out how to make it happen.

What next?

Like most good things, Fun Palaces will start with a chat and maybe a brew. Email Becky Pereira on the address below and she’ll help set up that first chat and brew…and then probably a series of additional chats and brews that turn into ideas, until those ideas turn into…whatever you and the other people you’re chatting to decide you want to happen.


*no actual building experience needed…but if you happen to be a local builder and fancy making something with us anyway then get in touch for a chat!


Enough reading? Drop an email to Becky, our Fun Palaces Ambassador (best job title, ever) on

Not sure what to say? Tell Becky about a secret skill you could share (practical, creative or just fun), share an idea for something you’d love to see happen in Gateshead, or tell her something you have laying around that others could use or enjoy.

Email Becky

More reading?

OK. Here’s the original Fun Palaces website – it’s where you can find out more about the original idea behind Fun Palaces, which have been bringing together communities across the country since 2014.

Sage Gateshead wants to everyone in Gateshead to be able to create or enjoy a Fun Palace.

Sage Gateshead is here to support YOU (potentially, if you’ve read this far) to get people with skills and ideas in the community to chat, and to help put on whatever you decide to do, wherever in Gateshead you want to do it, in that first weekend in October.

We want the people of Gateshead to be involved in defining and delivering what culture, creativity and entertainment is available to us all.

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