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Sage Gateshead

Our anti-racism statement

The Glasshouse has zero tolerance of racism and promotes an anti-racism culture within the organisation and in its relations with beneficiaries, stakeholders and suppliers. It takes action to be anti-racist and encourages allyship. [Allyship – the process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalised individuals and/or groups of people.]

Our ethnicity profile

29% of our board, 18% of the artists on our stages and 4% of our team are of ethnic minority backgrounds. [NE population: 6%]

Our anti-racism pledge 

Building on progress made in recent years, our next goals are:

  1. To actively promote a culture of anti-racism within The Glasshouse

We will provide induction, training, discussion and reading for the whole organisation, so that there is an active engagement with anti-racism. Anti-racism and allyship will be an active part of our internal culture and our external relations.

  1. To work within our organisation and within our sector to increase the ethnic diversity of the workforce

We will work individually and with our geographical and sector networks to increase the ethnic diversity of our workforce. We will seek specialist support to help us undertake this.

  1. To ensure a fair, equal and anti-racist experience in music

Across contracts, pay, artist welcome and support, we will review our arrangements to ensure they give a fair, equal and anti-racist experience for artists, including young artists, across our programmes. We will work with sector allies to change systems to remove barriers, diversify the sector and remove systemic racism.

We will review our progress against these goals in a year’s time.

Sir Martin Narey | Chair of the Board
Abigail Pogson | Managing Director

Date of Pledge: 14/05/2021