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About Musical Inclusion

What is musical inclusion?

Musical Inclusion is an approach to music teaching and learning that means all children and young people can make music, whatever their background or circumstances. It’s about embracing every style and genre of music. It’s about creating access to music-making in the first place, and providing the right support and opportunities so that young people can progress on their individual journey. Its also about music leaders having the right skills and resources to help each young person fulfil their potential.


What does being musically inclusive involve?

Musically inclusive practice involves making sure young people’s music is HEARD:

Holistic – placing emphasis on personal, social and musical outcomes

Equitable – people facing the biggest barriers receive the most support

Authentic – developed with and informed by the people we do it for

Representative – the people we work with as participants and colleagues reflect our diverse society

Diverse – all musical genres, styles, practices are valued equally

HEARD Principles

Young people need you to take action. If you want to help create a musically inclusive England, sign up to the Youth Music Network, follow Youth Music on Twitter and LinkedIn, and contact your local Alliance founder partner to ask to be kept informed.