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This Is The Kit

plus Gina Birch (The Raincoats)

This is the Kit 2023 credit Cedric Oberlin (16) - press image 2023

This Is The Kit

plus Gina Birch (The Raincoats)

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Quirky. Quaint. Feels like a hug.

In this mid-apocalyptic world, it can feel pointless to dwell on time. Why look back when we could just live in the now? But for This Is The Kit, the pseudonym of Kate Stables, time merits a little consideration. The UK songwriter and banjo strummer is still here, making albums of cataclysmic honesty and welcoming tonal embraces. And they are continuing to grow, which is probably the only smart way to move forward through these times.

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Need to know

Price: £22

Stage Times:
7.30pm Doors
8pm – 8.30pm – Gina Birch
Interval (30mins)
9pm – 10.30pm – This is The Kit
Please note timings are subject to change.

Age: Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult.



Meet the artists

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This Is The Kit

This Is The Kit is the musical project of Kate Stables. One of time and change and careful listening. It has carried Stables from Winchester to Bristol to Paris (where she’s lived for the last 15 years), and across tours and festivals around the world not to mention a prestigious Ivor Novello nomination.  In early spring of 2020, Kate and her band of trusty companions knuckled down to record what would become This is The Kit’s fifth album ‘Off Off On,’ released in October 2020 to huge acclaim.

Acutely sensitive to the pulses and currents of life, ‘Off Off On’ shows Kate Stables to be a songwriter overflowing with ideas, ably crafting music of great beauty, of wonder and illumination, and seems one more step on This is The Kit’s to becoming one of the country’s most revered musical endeavours.

Gina Birch, London, September 2022

Gina Birch

Gina Birch, punk icon and one-half of the Raincoats since 1977, released her first solo album, “I Play My Bass Loud” in 2023. The album reflects her rebellious, feminist spirit and her unique approach to music. Birch’s artistic journey began in the 70s. Inspired by punk and artists like the Slits, she co-founded the Raincoats with Ana da Silva.

“I Play My Bass Loud” features songs Birch collected over two decades. The title track celebrates the power of her instrument and women in music. Collaborating with Youth from Killing Joke as producer, Birch narrates a woman’s journey to empowerment.

While Birch has explored painting and filmmaking, her music has left a lasting impact on the punk and alternative scene, with Kurt Cobain being a big fan when he was alive.

Birch’s unwavering creativity and refusal to be typecast, offers a powerful message of self-expression and resilience in the musical world she helped shape.

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