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The Wind - live score by Erland Cooper featuring the Chorus of Opera North

Erland solarised full length

The Wind - live score by Erland Cooper featuring the Chorus of Opera North

World Premiere


In this newly commissioned soundtrack, Scottish composer and artist Erland Cooper employs the live voice – the powerful sound of the 18 women of the Chorus of Opera North – enhanced by his own recordings and real-time processing of their performance.

The Wind is silent cinema at its most shockingly, primally potent. A radiant Lillian Gish plays Letty, a young woman cast out from her sheltered Virginia home into the dust bowl of the Texan prairie, where an act of savagery – and the unrelenting northerly wind – push her mind beyond its limits.

Erland’s score breathes new life into the empty plains, sandstorms and intensely charged terrain of this forgotten masterpiece. Born and raised on Orkney, his sensitivity to the relationship between landscape and psychology has been a constant over the course of a diverse and collaborative career that’s taken in everything from folk and prog to field recordings and contemporary classical music.

Useful Information

Venue: Sage Two

Stage Times: 8pm – 9.20pm (no interval)

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Erland Cooper said:
“The Wind is like a requiem to a dying medium or art form. I want to echo that in a simple live score created predominantly from the human voice that touches on its drama and poetry, combining clouds of sound and textures in an almost tone poem score”

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