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Music from Twin Peaks at Wylam Brewery

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Music from Twin Peaks at Wylam Brewery


Surreal. Other-worldly. An evening to die for.

Who’s on Stage

Royal Northern Sinfonia and guest vocalist Alice Zawadzki in the magnificent Grand Hall at Wylam Brewery.  

What they’re playing

The hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack to 90s TV show Twin Peaks, composed by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. It’ll send shivers down your spine and a tear to your eye.

Need to know

Price: £25

Doors: 7pm

Running time: 1 hour 30 mins, including a 20 minute interval.

Important: This is a standing gig.

Accessible tickets: Subject to availability. Email for more info.

What you'll hear

Twin Peaks Theme
Laura Palmer’s Theme
Into the Night
Love Theme from Twin Peaks
and more…

Who's playing it

Alice Zawadzki vocalist
Royal Northern Sinfonia

produced by Tim Crooks

About Twin Peaks

When FBI special agent Dale Cooper is sent to investigate a murder in a small, rural town, he soon discovers not all is what it seems. His search for the killer of homecoming queen Laura Palmer leads him into a tangled web of secrets, lies and supernatural mysteries surrounding Twin Peaks and its eccentric inhabitants. First aired in 1990, it’s a cult classic with legions of fans around the world. 

What's happening in the music?

From the first, sinister bass notes of the opening theme, the music for Twin Peaks really sets the tone for the whole show. Moody, mysterious, a hint of humour. Composer Angelo Badalamenti cleverly pulls together familiar musical cues – achingly beautiful melodies that wouldn’t be out of place on a weepy melodrama, smoky jazz that could be pulled straight from a 70s detective show, other-worldly synths fit for a sci-fi blockbuster – and weaves them all together into the perfect slow-build soundtrack. It’s so good, you won’t miss the screen, just close your eyes and revel in it.

Take a listen

Can’t wait for the gig?

Listen to the original soundtrack here!

This event takes place at:

Wylam Brewery
Palace of Arts Exhibition Park,
Claremont Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne