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The Glasshouse

Thursday 7 November 2024   |   8:00pm
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Eddie Chacon

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Eddie Chacon

Tickets on sale from 10am, Friday 14 June.

Sage Two

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Tickets – £24.80 to £24.80

Vibey. Minimalist. Both nostalgic and modern.

“Low-key R&B legend” Eddie Chacon made an indelible mark in popular music as half of the duo Charles & Eddie, whose 1992 single “Would I Lie to You” was a number one hit heard around the world. The group’s 8-million-records-sold rocket to the stars lasted a few years, and Eddie spent the next couple of decades carving out a career as a photographer and creative director. He returned to music in 2020, with a project produced by John Carroll Kirby, who has also worked with notable artists such as Solange and Frank Ocean. Eddie signed to Stones Throw Records in 2022 where ‘Sundown,’ received widespread critical acclaim.

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Price: From £24.80

Stage Times: Announced nearer showtime.

Age: Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult.

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Thursday 7 November 2024

From: £24.80 - £24.80

Sage Two