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The Glasshouse



Brass in Concert 2023

46th Brass In Concert Championship

46th brass in concert championship

Brass in Concert 2023

46th Brass In Concert Championship

Part of Brass in Concert Festival 2023


Competitive. Riveting. Fanfare to fun times.

Eleven of the finest brass bands in the world come together, each offering a uniquely crafted performance devised to entertain. Innovative and outrageous, technically brilliant and beautifully played: only the best bands play at this annual contest, and no year is the same.

We look forward to you being in the room with us when we discover who will be crowned the 2023 Brass in Concert Champion!

Need to know

Price: from £33.00 or £59.40 for a Brass in Concert Festival Combi ticket

Age: Under 14s need to be accompanied by an adult.

Discounts: get access to World of Brass in Concert, Aspire Day and Championship with a 15% discount.

Approximate Stage Times:

11.10am – 3.20pm
11.10am – 11.45am  Grimethorpe Colliery
11.53am – 12.28pm Brighouse & Rastrick
12.36pm – 1.11pm Friary
1.19pm – 1.54pm Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag
2.02pm – 2.37pm Hammonds
2.45pm – 3.20pm Fodens

Intermission (40mins)

4pm – 7.30pm
4pm – 4.35pm Carlton Main Frickley
4.43pm – 5.18pm Tredegar
5.26pm – 6.01pm Aldbourbe
6.09pm – 6.44pm Flowers
6.52pm – 7.27pm Fountain City

Please note timings are subject to change. 

Who’s on stage

The event will see The Glasshouse filled with people who care about and support community music-making, ready to be inspired by the energy and vitality of the best brass bands around.

This year we welcome:

Grimethorpe Colliery, Brighouse and Rastrick, Friary Brass, Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Hammonds, Foden’s, Carlton Main Frickley Colliery, Tredegar, Aldbourne, Flowers and Fountain City Brass.

Notable amongst this year’s line-up is the rare opportunity to hear international favourites, North American’s Fountain City, and current Norwegian and Siddis champions, Eikanger.

The day will be hosted by Frank Renton, a living legend in the world of brass bands, having led Grimethorpe Colliery to their famous victory at the National Championships, depicted in the film Brassed Off!

Brass in Concert is the headline event of the annual Brass in Concert Festival, which exists to provide opportunities to young brass and percussion players. Sponsored by Banks Group and Yamaha and delivered in partnership with World of Brass.

Brass In Concert 2023 - combi ticket

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Get a ticket for all three main Brass In Concert Festival 2023 events for £59.40.

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