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Anohni and Yoko Ono

Anohni & Yoko Ono’s duet 'I Love You Earth' & film created by Yoko Ono with The Rainforest Trust.

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Anohni and Yoko Ono, 'I Love You Earth'

Written by Yoko Ono, Anohni and Yoko’s duet I Love You Earth is both an Instruction Piece and a powerful affirmation. It is a protest song of imagination, peace and love. With shimmering vocals and perfect acceptance, Anohni loves everything about the Earth and the way the Earth is. Yoko loves the sky, the wind, rivers, mountains, all species and the forests that give us oxygen to breathe. The Earth is a world of amazing biodiversity. As we lose more and more of nature, the climate grows more unstable, putting all species at risk. Yoko wants to scream. Instead, she sings with love and a voice like the hush of home. I Love You Earth is a lullaby, a love song for planet Earth, our beautiful and much-loved home. Anohni and Yoko pay homage to the Earth at this turning point in the climate crisis. A point at which we must act now to repay our love for the planet that has done so much to nurture us. Yoko’s song and film, made in collaboration and support for The Rainforest Trust, reminds us that ‘together we can love the Earth and save the world’.

Yoko Ono:

There are so many of us in the world who are now awakened, ready to act to save our world. So let’s work together to save this planet. Together. That’s how we will change the world. We change, and the world changes. Have trust in what you can do. Have trust in how fast we can change our world for the better. Why? Because we have to. Believe that we are one and together we will make it. Love is what connects all lives on Earth.

Yoko and Anohni_WEB

Anohni and Yoko Ono

About Yoko Ono

Originally from Tokyo, Yoko Ono was the first woman admitted into the philosophy program at Gakushuin University in Tokyo, where she studied for a year before moving to New York, studying writing and music at Sarah Lawrence College. George Macunias, founder of the Fluxus collective, gave Ono her first solo gallery show in 1961. Ono became an influential conceptual and performance artist prior to her marriage and artistic partnership with John Lennon. From the 1970s to the 1990s, Ono worked on music, both solo and in collaboration. The Whitney Museum of American Art presented a retrospective of her work in 1989, as did the Japan Society Gallery in 2000, and the Museum of Modern Art in 2015. She received a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Yoko Ono lives and works in New York City.

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