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How one young North East musician made it to London’s West End


Amonik Melaco was a young singer from the North East with a dream of singing on the great stages of London’s West End. Now, thanks to lots of hard work, self-belief, and opportunities and support available at The Glasshouse, that dream has become his reality.

“I knew 100%, without a doubt, it was what I wanted to do,” he says.

Amonik, from Whitley Bay, studied singing at The Glasshouse’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT), part of the Department of Education’s’s CAT network. It’s a training programme for young musicians with the potential to reach high levels in music.

Young people on a singing pathway get a chance to develop their musical knowledge, skills and technique while they growing in confidence.

The classes cover a range of musical styles. So if you’re not sure what you like best, you can explore  classical, musical theatre, pop, rock and lots more.

Amonik had been singing for a while when the opportunity to join the CAT programme at The Glasshouse arrived. It was time to take a deep breath and step out of his comfort zone.

“I knew I had a voice, but I needed a better understanding of how to make music,” he says. “I wanted to feel good about all areas and learn to read sheet music.”

Sometimes, he struggled to hit the high notes and felt tense when singing to an audience.

“It’s great to have one-to-one singing, but it’s a different story to sing in front of people, especially in an intimate environment,” he says.


Hannah Fumoleau, Make Music: Young People Manager and vocal tutor, supported Amonik on his journey.

“His challenge was also one of his strengths: he had the ambition to do everything right,” she says. “In performances, he found it hard to let go and present the song authentically.”

They worked together on his breathing and posture until he was ready to give his all to  performances.

“I trained hard with Hannah,” Amonik says. “Spending time rehearsing and singing in the right environment made me believe I could do it.”

Hannah says,“We see every student as an individual and do our best to help them onto the right path, including, in Amonik’s case, making it to the West End.”

Eventually, Amonik was more than ready for a BA Hons degree in Musical Theatre at Laine Theatre Arts in Surrey, where he learned about stage production and theatre directing.

“I had a different experience,” he says “Both Make Music and University made me who I am.”

Amonik now has a resume many other singers would envy. After touring with the musical Singing in the Rain, he appeared in Heathers in London’s West End. Amonik also features in the powerhouse popstar Self Esteem’s music video for the song Prioritise Pleasure.

There’s no question that Hannah is proud of Amonik’s achievements.

“Getting to where Amonik is involves real resilience, perseverance and a commitment to self-improvement,” she says.

Even now, he gets vocal support and encouragement from Hannah and says, “It’s a brilliant connection to have.”

“Parents and carers regularly update us,” says Hannah. “The feeling is always that their child’s time at The Glasshouse has given them experiences that motivate them in whatever path they follow.”