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Backstage: Episode #10 Travel

23 Minutes

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Episode #10: Travel

The theme for this latest episode is Travel.

Many of the artists who come to Sage Gateshead are in the middle of a UK, European or sometimes even a world tour. For them, is travel just a necessary evil – something they have to do just to please their fans and find new audiences– or does it actually helps them shape and influence their music?

So, on this podcast episode we ask Sumi Choi, lead singer of Korean band Say Sue Me, to tell us about her favourite destination, Philidelphian poet and rapper Moor Mother reveals why she prefers planes over trains, and the seasoned travellers of jazz trio Phronesis explain the importance of having an understanding family back home.

So place your bags in the overhead locker, put your phone on airplane mode and fasten your seatbelt…as we take you on tour.

Backstage is a regular podcast where we go behind the scenes for exclusive interviews and insights from leading and emerging artists who’ll be taking to the stage at Sage Gateshead, and discover some of the activities that take place, and the communities that meet there.