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Five minutes with choir leader Kerry Green

Posted on 4 April 2019

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We caught up with our new singing tutor, Kerry Green, to find out more about Sage Gateshead’s new Contemporary Choir, a group for beginner and intermediate singers. Kerry tells us about her career as a singer, the benefits of group singing and what to expect in the group.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I was a very shy child but always enjoyed singing – I loved music, especially making up harmonies. I would constantly listen to the radio and play my Dad’s record collection, this continued throughout my school years when I also started playing the flute and saxophone. I was 15 when I was first asked to record my vocals in a professional recording studio, then I was hooked!

How would you describe Sage Gateshead Contemporary Choir?
It’s a very friendly group with participants from all walks of life with a common love of singing. The choir is perfect for vocal and harmony development and sessions are delivered in a supportive and fun way. Members really encourage each other when learning their section parts or if auditioning for a solo, and we like to have a laugh!

Who is it for?
This is a mixed ability group for beginners to intermediates. Some people can read music, others not at all, and we learn pieces either by ear, music notation and/or vocal guide tracks; there’s no audition and no pressure!

What songs can people expect to sing?
A real mixture of pieces ranging from contemporary pop, rock and soul to gospel/spiritual, folk, musical theatre and film music, and we may also explore some body percussion.

Why is singing so good for you?
The psychological and emotional benefits of singing are huge. It has a feel-good factor which helps de-stress and uplift and there are also social benefits like widening your social circle, strengthening communication and building confidence.

If you could sing with any artists, who would you choose?
Such a tricky question! There are so many artists I would pick but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say Prince, Randy Crawford, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald and, of course, Stevie Wonder!

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining Sage Gateshead Contemporary Choir or thinking about singing for the first time?
I’d love to see you, you will be made to feel very welcome and at ease and I can pretty much guarantee that when you leave you will feel much better than when you arrived.

Sage Gateshead Contemporary Choir takes place on Thursday, 7-9pm and Summer Term starts from Thursday 2 May. Find out more and book.