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Music Pass: a gift for future music lovers

Music Pass

Welcome to the Music Pass

Imagine introducing your little one to the joy of live music from the very start. With our new Music Pass, that’s exactly what you can do. This £25 gift voucher is our way of welcoming the newest members of our community into the wonderful world of music. We believe as many people as possible should have the wonder of music in their lives.

What is the Music Pass?

The Music Pass is a special £25 voucher that can be spent on family-friendly concerts, gigs, and classes. It’s our gift to every baby born in the North East and Cumbria over the last year, helping to nurture future music lovers from the very start.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that music has the power to bring joy, create new human connections, and make our lives better. By giving families with new babies access to live music, we’re hoping to plant the seeds for a lifetime love of music. This is what we’re all about: music lives and grows at The Glasshouse International Centre for Music.

Family Summer Gig (taken Spring 2023)

What can the credit be spent on?

Right now, you can use the Music Pass for events including:

  • The Snowman and other family-friendly concerts
  • Interactive music classes for kids

Our list of eligible events will grow, so keep an eye on our website for updates. We’ll also send you an email when new opportunities become available. There’s no rush: you will have 10 years to use our gift.

How does it benefit families with new babies?

The Music Pass provides an opportunity for families to bond over live music experiences. It’s an easy way to introduce your little one to the magic of music, with events and classes designed to be fun and engaging for all ages. About 250,000 babies were born in the North East and Cumbria over this year.

Group of small nursery school children sitting on floor indoors in classroom, playing musical instruments.

How to Apply

Applying for the Music Pass is simple:

  1. Click the button below to fill out a short form with your details.
  2. We’ll credit your account with the voucher by September at the latest.
  3. Start exploring events and classes that you and your family will love.

Pop your details in the form and we’ll do the rest. We can’t wait to welcome your family to The Glasshouse International Centre for Music and introduce the next generation of music lovers to what we’re all about.

We’re working with seven public health authorities and Children North East to spread the word about this fantastic opportunity.

Sign up here

Have any questions? Find the answers here:

What are the dates my baby must be born between?

  • Your baby should be born between 1 September, 2023, and 31 August, 2024.

How do I make a booking with my Music Pass?

  • To book your tickets using the Music Pass, please call our Box Office at 0191 443 4661 or visit us in person. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting and booking your preferred events. Online booking is currently not available for the Music Pass.

How will the credit be applied?

  • The credit will be added to your account.

Will there be any checks?

  • Yes, spot checks will be in place to ensure the vouchers are used as intended.

Do I need to book with a young person?

  • Yes, booking will require the inclusion of a young person to ensure the events are family orientated.

What if there are no suitable events right now?

  • Don’t worry! The voucher is valid for a decade, giving you plenty of time to find the perfect event as our offerings continue to grow.

How will I know when new activities are added?

  • We’ll contact you whenever new family-friendly events are added.

Can people with multiples receive multiple Music Passes?

  • Absolutely! If you have triplets, quadruplets, or even more bundles of joy, you’re entitled to receive multiple Music Passes – one for each of your little music enthusiasts. This offer is for families welcoming multiple new additions within the specified timeframe. It’s our way of spreading the joy of music to as many young families as possible within our community.

Why are the eligible birth dates from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024?

  • We’ve chosen these dates to coincide with our organisation’s new chapter as The Glasshouse. It’s our way of showing our continued dedication to supporting young families and fostering a love for music from the very beginning. We’ve been doing this in lots of different ways for almost 20 years.


Want to support this initiative?

This is a new initiative, and we’d love to expand its reach. If you or your organisation can help us grow and offer more to families, please get in touch. Your support can help us bring the joy of music to even more young families.