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Wax Heart Sodality

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Wax Heart Sodality by Art Mouse Design

Wax Heart Sodality (WHS) is an organisation that has existed just under the surface of society for hundreds of years. They have manifested in many forms through various members, always working behind the scenes with the aim to elevate those in need who have sincere intentions. In this instance, a mixture of circumstance and a chance encounter resulted in WHS taking the form of a mysterious, mask-wearing, garage rock band with a raw, yet theatrical stage presence… It might sound a tad far-fetched but destiny is not without imagination.  

…a sturdy sound pitched somewhere between Interpol and Depeche Mode featuring driving rhythms and whip-smart post-punkisms.’’ – The Crack 

‘‘Between the gothic rock tension of The Sisters of Mercy, the post-punk murkiness of Bauhaus, and the raw grit of Danzig, Wax Heart Sodality’s sound surfaces old fashioned, yet crisp, and certainly full of promise.’’ Destroy//Exist  

‘‘Gloomy rock with garage attitudes. Uncomplicated and catchy without being boring.’’ Dark Life Experience