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Mathias Skye

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Mathias Skye

With a unique blend of R&B, hip-hop and acoustic background, Mathias Skye is ready to change the game as we know it.

Born in Zimbabwe, Skye was raised in the city of Newcastle in the North East of England where he started his music career with producer/partner Chi-K.O. Skye’s beat pulses through a myriad of artistic pursuits. He’s an accomplished salesman, multi-instrumentalist, professional sound engineer, self taught music producer and philosopher.

Mathias brings unique style of smooth R&B unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Since learning the guitar at 15 years old his ability to merge acoustic sounds with the melodies of today make him not only unique but relevant. Fans would describe “Mr Skye’s” music as an open book to his heart as he doesn’t shy away from truths about some of his deepest and darkest emotions on a lot of his music, he also writes feel good party music as well as that “real hip-hop” spanning his demographic to the masses. Mr Magic Man has been influenced by the likes of J Cole, Ed Sheeran, Offset and more recently, Travis Scott, his style is comparable to none. His charismatic personality brings an intoxicating stage presence which fit well with his innovative and refreshing sound.

Up next, Mathis Skye is making his presence known with a string of dazzling live shows that spotlight his prodigious talents. “From here my job is to just be myself”, Skye says thoughtfully. “My goal is to not chase fame or fortune, it’s to chase freedom”.

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