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Liza Bec

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Liza Bec

Liza is an agender multi instrumentalist, composer and author inspired by narratives of consciousness, in particular the places where music and the mind meet. Their own experience of living with music triggered epilepsy informs and inspires their practice.

Liza built their own instrument, Rhian the robo-recorder, to create their unique sound. Constructed from a plastic tenor recorder, a Teensy circuit board and some copper tape, it is powered by both air and electricity. Rhian does not subscribe to musical genres but has been told they sound like a cobra who went to choir school.

They were awarded the Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund to create Innervate, an audiovisual installation and short story melding drones, drums and dystopian cyberpunk. Liza has previously toured with James Holden and the Animal Spirits and also performs with Paraorchestra.

Currently Liza is producing Spiral Dial, a monthly sci fi subscription serial with a live, improvised electroacoustic soundtrack. Narrated by David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant) each episode is recorded completely live at their studio, Anarres. They will be devoting this residency to developing unique sound worlds as Spiral Dial evolves into its third incarnation.

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