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Hekate are a London-based genre-bending collective with an alluringly dark sound. Through explorations of groove, atmospheric textures and dystopian melodies, Hekate’s sound is truly a collective creation of each of its members.

Intrigued by how sounds dance in spaces, and a desire to digest and reflect our lived experiences, in co-creating a triphop-esque-dark-electranalogue sound world, Hekate brings together a plethora of influences, skills, and stories creating new dimensions to both our sound and performance.

Hekate’s members are formed of wonderful, creative, people, each member with their own skill set, experiences, stories, and ways of approaching and exploring sound. Hekate is made up of people from all sound worlds and styles, all of the members are renowned in their fields and touring in the UK worldwide with other projects. The members of Hekate are:

Rosetta Carr (Frank Moody, Faunacircus)

Momoko Gill (An Alien Called Harmony, Alabaster de Plume)

Sophie Plummer (Plumm, Levitation Orchestra)

Maria Osu (Ma.Moyo, Levitation Orchestra)

Cleo Savva (The Moulettes, H.T.D)