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Badger - badger ORANGE

Badger are a two piece (Simeon Soden and Christopher Maltby) alt pop force mixing narrated existential crisis with post-punk, aggressive experimental hip-hop and IDM influences – listeners are advised to abandon all prior convictions. Badger has been played on BBC 6 by Tom Robinson and the Sleaford Mods (on Iggy Pop’s Artist Takeover show). Badger tour nationally as well as making regular appearances in their native NE England with notable bookings including the 100 Club (London), Tipping Point Live and a headline slot at Northern Electric Festival.  

I love the fact that my brain can’t figure out if they are techno, rock, electro, industrial, doom, post punk its f*cking ace … this stuff digs deep.” – Andrew Fearn (Sleaford Mods)

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